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Note that there're not just "endless relationships" here.

If you are in a relationship, that means you are going to marry.

If I were you I would think again about returning back.

Two types of measurement systems are distinguished historically: an evolutionary system, such as the British Imperial, which grew more or less haphazardly out of custom, and a planned system, such as the Body measurements and common natural items probably provided the most convenient bases for early linear measurements; early weight units may have derived casually from the use of certain stones or containers or from determinations of what a person or animal could lift or haul.These include implements related to games of physical skill, such as balls and hoops, game boards, board game pieces, and playing cards for games of strategy, and dice, used in games of chance.Boards and pieces for games similar to draughts (checkers in North American English) have been found in the ancient city of Ur in modern day Iraq dating to approximately 3,000 BCE .But types of games and sports are not randomly distributed in the world’s cultures.Cross-cultural research has found that type of games and sports vary in some very predictable ways–they are related to social and political complexity, to how children are raised, and aggressive sports are related to warfare.Early athletic games, or sports, are well known from archaeological and narrative sources.