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Two weeks ago John Norris set off on a six-day, 20-stop tour around Iowa to kick off his gubernatorial run, pulling in good crowds in particular at his Des Moines-area and Red Oak events.Today his campaign released a video with highlights from the tour, focusing in on scenes and excerpts that highlighted his rural background and appeal.original debut album that found an uncharted sweet spot between industrial rhythm and noise, post-punk guitar skreeeee, and the smoldering intensity of Southern black gospel.Wide acclaim, a few videos, and heavy touring followed, and the band’s core trio of singer/guitarist Franklin Fisher, bassist/synthesist Ryan Mahan, and guitarist Lee Tesche was augmented by touring (and now permanent) drummer Matt Tong, formerly of Bloc Party.It featured a young girl wearing a bow in her hair and a yellow-gold cardigan, her legs akimbo in a pose that conjured Courbet’s “The Origin of the World.” The animated film imagines a sex-education class taught by God.Madani had recently been watching nineteen-seventies sex-education films from Scandinavia and Britain on You Tube, and was struck by the way they were typically narrated “from both perspectives, male and female.” In her own film, a pair of men—one thin and boyish, the other tall and pear-shaped—gaze at a projection of the young woman, while the narrator, represented by a pair of disembodied pink lips, wheezily delivers the wisdom of the ages: “Be present.Find the clit and never let it go.” As the scene unfolds, the girl reaches out of the projector screen, takes hold of the male figures, draws them in, and makes them disappear between her legs.“I guess I was really interested in exploring female pleasure,” Madani told me. She’s not passive anymore.”Like her paintings, Madani is alternately droll and punishingly serious.

It is still to be anywhere near that block and not think about the senseless murder, the police’s wagon-circling around the shockingly incompetent officer who drive-by shot the poor kid, and the local media’s complicity in selling the cops’ ever-changing stories of how the shooting happened.According to the complainants, the woman, who gave advertisements in the news papers offering female telecallers’ jobs, allegedly asked the new joiners to have a sexual conversation by calling up people.“We were offered a telecallers’ job and were given a seven day training.However, on Monday we were asked to call up some people in random and have sexual conversations with them,” said one of the girls who lodged the police complaint.“The woman threatened us when we refused to do the job.Norris hit up a number of smaller towns on his announcement tour and during his exploratory phase, and is leaning hard on that message to show Democratic voters he can win back areas they’ve lost in recent elections.The video has many of your requisite Iowa scenes, like walking through some fields, having a chat on small river bridge and talking with people at a picnic.#allhailthewookieofourdreams #behindthescenes #behindthelove ❤️💪🏻🙌👌🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆❤️ A post shared by @emilia_clarke on ‘Yup.